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Graphics and preprinting

We believe that supporting our customers at the preprinting stage is essential for achieving excellence. Thanks to a highly specialized team, combined with our consolidated experience of rotogravure and flexographic printing and our constant striving for technological improvement, we can always and without fail provide our customers with every type of support and process. To cite one example, we produce high-quality films that are printed with up to 12 colours using laser cylinders and full HD plates.

Laser and electronic engraving of cylinders

Nowadays, packaging with a strong appeal is key to successful communication at the point of sale. Our laser cylinders are capable of producing printed images of great quality and precision. As such, the Gerosa Group has decided to set up a centralized department to handle such requests from across the Group.


We offer the best rotogravure-printed products on the market (up to 12 colours), the best flexographic printing services (up to 10 colours) and the best digital technology. We use the latest generation of printing and laminating machines to make products whose graphic, chemical-physical and dimensional components achieve the highest possible specifications.


Our Group subsidiaries have a great deal of expertise when it comes to lamination techniques. Specifically, we produce multilayer laminates, cold-seal applications, and special laminates based on paper, cardboard, holographic metallized films, and aluminium. Thanks to our extensive experience of laminate production, we are capable of meeting every possible customer demand.


We treat our customers like the partners they are, and respond to their specific requests. Flexibility is our watchword. Thanks to our in-house laboratory and its sharp focus on the challenges of today and tomorrow, we have been able to remain flexible and customer-centred. Continuous research is one of the company’s greatest resources because it allows us not just to keep up with but also to get ahead of market innovations. Of equal importance is the Food Safety lab, which operates 24 hours a day scrupulously analysing the quality of the laminates and packaging before and after printing. In this way, we guarantee total quality and comply with safety standards.

Warehouse space

We offer our storage space as an added value. The Group has great flexibility in its storage capacity. The semi-mechanized warehouse is constantly available for the storage of large quantities of finished and semi-finished products serving all sorts of different needs from many countries.