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Product and innovation: our strategic objectives are decisive for our market prominence and ensure we can respond to the social and environmental challenges of a constantly changing world. Our goal is to engineer the packaging of the future. Innovation has a decisive role to play in bringing concrete benefits to our consumers and partner companies, and in keeping us focused on environmental sustainability. We work towards this goal every day at the Innovation Center.

Innovation manifesto


Responding proactively to complex phenomena.


Intended as a multidisciplinary approach that offers a full-spectrum view of the context.


The most topical challenge is how to reconcile the demands of the market and customers with social and environmental imperatives.


Good market, customer and supplier relationships are fundamental for the success of our innovation process.


The continuous analysis of data and information enables the company to make informed decisions.


By responding creatively to real needs, development and innovation can be combined into a single concept.


Capitalizing on innovation and enhancing the company’s image and reputation.


Value creation is not only about economic value, but also social and environmental value.


Systemic work is integrated with all the other company functions.

By identifying, collecting and reinterpreting cutting-edge ideas and solutions and transferring their tangible benefits to world of industry, the Innovation Center has translated ideas into reality. We work hard to keep sustainability at the centre of our mind. We aim to produce packaging that is recyclable and compostable and, with a view to being part of the circular economy, packaging that makes use of secondary raw materials.

A new packaging concept

Innovation is born of necessity. To respond to the increasingly challenging demands of the market and to give free rein to new ideas, we like to stimulate in-house discussions between the research and development and the production and marketing departments. Reinforced by this constant exchange of know-how, by the sharing of cutting-edge technologies and by our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we allow the most innovative projects to thrive.

A new circular economy for plastic

A world in which all packaging is completely sustainable, renewable and 100% recyclable, in which packaging produces no carbon emissions and fits neatly into the circular economy with a low environmental impact would be ideal, but it does not exist yet. Still, our efforts are directed towards reaching this very goal through the use of biodegradable materials and inks, recycled raw materials and ever fewer resources. In short, we are working to create environmentally friendly packaging.

Interactive smart packaging

Product innovation is inextricably linked to technology. The use of functional materials and new technologies has created a whole new category: smart packaging, which is already part of our product portfolio. Smart packaging uses a given material or technology or a combination of both to add extra functionalities. For example, a package might contain hidden codes that link to digital content that adds features and opens up new communication opportunities.

Product safety

Product safety is an essential precondition for any packaging that comes into contact with food. Our research & development and quality control laboratory, which is fitted with the latest equipment, guarantees very high added value for operators in the food supply chain thanks to the safety, reliability, transparency and, above all, the continuous improvement of our increasingly innovative materials.

Value creation through the pooling of skills

The Gerosa Group believes the best way to deal with the complex challenges of today’s market is to nurture a range of diversified skills. This is why, in addition to using our own resources, we at Gerosa also participate in cross-border and multi-sectoral initiatives and bodies. By working hand in hand with research institutes and universities, and by engaging synergistically with customers and suppliers who share our goals, we turn innovative ideas into concrete projects.