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Environmental protection is becoming an ever more topical issue. As transformers of packaging, we at the Gerosa Group want to make our mark in the world... not on it! So we are contributing proactively and pragmatically to the strides being made towards sustainability by managing resources responsibly and minimizing the impact of our manufacturing activities on the local environment. As part of our efforts to engender a virtuous production cycle that is compatible with the circular economy, we pay close attention to every stage of the manufacturing process, from the procurement of raw materials to the handling of packaging at the end of its life.

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Product innovation is so key to our business strategy it essentially defines us. Since 2017, we have made extensive use of the expertise and knowledge generated by our Innovation Center at the Group’s headquarters in Inverigo. The Center is keenly interested in and dedicated to developing innovation projects, working in partnership with various companies and stakeholders, including universities, other research centres, start-ups, customers and suppliers. The Center serves as a hub for the development of successful, fresh ideas that drive the Group’s commitment to sustainable packaging and the circular economy.

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Our main mission is to produce top-quality products that guarantee the highest safety standards for food packaging. We have always sought out and engaged in constructive dialogue so that we can satisfy the quality and efficiency expectations and needs of all stakeholders, be they internal or external to the company. Our flexible, quality-focused and tailor-made approach has enabled us to meet the challenges of the global market by coming up with ever more innovative solutions.

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Good business practice extends beyond the boundaries of the company. We give precedence to long-term relationships with local suppliers because our aim is to create, strengthen and consolidate lasting and meaningful relationships that are predicated on the principles of fairness and impartiality.

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Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics encapsulates all the values that have guided the Group right from the start. The Code now also guides all those who work or intend to work with the Gerosa Group.

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Supplier code of conduct

We aim to establish lasting business relationships with our suppliers, built on transparency, ethics and sustainability. As such, not only have we made our own commitment, through the Gerosa Group’s Code of Ethics, but we have also drawn up a Supplier Code of Conduct. We ask all our suppliers to expressly approve this document and make a commitment to comply with the rules it sets out. For us, this is an essential prerequisite for any business relationship.