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We have always been future-oriented, and we are committed to respecting our planet.

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Improvement is the key to success, and we are always aiming for a better future. Our vision depends on the forward-looking attitude of our people, who are forever on the lookout for new solutions that can have a significant, favourable impact on society.

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We are always focused on new challenges and on finding alternative solutions. We are firm believers in the possibility of changing for the better.


Safety is how we make an important contribution to our community in return for its respect. To earn the trust of our customers, we pay close attention to every single detail.

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Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics encapsulates all the values that have guided the Group right from the start. The Code now also guides all those who work or intend to work with the Gerosa Group.

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Supplier code of conduct

We aim to establish lasting business relationships with our suppliers, built on transparency, ethics and sustainability. As such, not only have we made our own commitment, through the Gerosa Group’s Code of Ethics, but we have also drawn up a Supplier Code of Conduct. We ask all our suppliers to expressly approve this document and make a commitment to comply with the rules it sets out. For us, this is an essential prerequisite for any business relationship.